I am sending my rifle off to my smith to put a Olive/Black B&C Metalist stock on my Mark V 30-06 replacing the plastic tupper-ware stock that came on it. I am having him do it because with Weatherby rifles he does a few things in the bedding and free-floating process that he has worked out over the years and my customs he has done are proof of it's success.

I will be having my Mark V 30-06 not only re-stocked but I will also be having Cera-Kote coating put on the receiver and barrel. Then this fall I will be sending my 300Wby to have the McMillian stock repainted in a green I like and the receiver, barrel and brake coated with Cera-Kote with Talley rings and bases as well as the bolt re-done to have the shinny ridges and darkened grooves like other Weatherby's.

I will shoot my all ready developed loads for my 30-06 and make any adjustments necessary when he sends it back to me which will be when I return from Tanzania in the middle of August.

I will also start work on the 240gr Woodleigh bullet for a heavy load for the 30-06 that I started some time back when working with my Kimber 8400 Montana. Using H4831sc I should be able to get some very respectable velocities out of the Mark V. This 240gr bullet was developed for the 30-06 to be used on heavy game and makes the 30-06 a very versatile cartridge indeed. I will use this thread to record the additional load work for my 06 and pictures of the finished rifle when it comes back some time between the middle of August to the first of September.

I am really looking forward to the new stock for improved accuracy and the coating which makes it tougher against the elements as well as makes it look good.