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Thread: Unit 12

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    Question Unit 12

    Looking for a spot that offers as much ATV and hunting fun. Anyone with experience hunting the western portion of Unit 12?

    Are the river valleys ATV accessible?

    Are there areas for camp sites?

    Large game population (bear, moose, caribou)?

    Small game population?

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    Moose populations are pretty low in Unit 12. There are a few grizzlies around, but Unit 13 probably is better in that regard. East of the Tok cut-off ATV access is pretty limited.

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    I might be wrong, and I don't have my maps with me while I am out of town, but I think there is some wilderness area in there, although that might be in unit 11.

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    Default western part of 12

    Is pretty much private land unless up the Taylor, but that is only 9 miles and then your in 20E. East of Tok has the most atv access, but then again, lots of private land down there too. Moose populations are low all over 12.


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