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Thread: headwaters of Big Su

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    Default headwaters of Big Su

    Was thinking of heading up that way for moose and or grizz, anybody have any insite as far as area and moose numbers you can PM if you want, does that area get hit as hard as it used to or a little less since they went to 4 brow tines a few years back. Thanks Steve

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    The antler restrictions have really began to pay off. Lots of bulls over fifty now, but not all have four brow tines, probably about one out of four legal bulls have four. But we have been seeing more bulls now, than the past 20 years. All three forks have good populations. Put in at the ramp on the Denali Hwy or fly up and land on the gravel bars. Pretty easy access and good hunting. Grizzly are still a problem or were last year. Very good area for spot and stalk techniques. If you are running a jet unit, run light and take extra fuel for multiple trips out to carry the meat. Figure on a one hour run in by boat. You can also hunt the eastern shore of the Su which is in the Clearwater Controlled Use Area, as long as you just tie up the boat and walk from shore. In the East Fork, you have to leave the boat parked before you enter the drainage. Easy walking from that point. If you have a caribou permit, the flats are always a good bet for easy pickings.

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    South of Devils Canyon not alot of moose. The bears in the area to a pretty good job of keeping their numbers low. North of Devils moose can be found but you will also see more hunting pressure.


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