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Thread: Kasilof Report 7-18-7-19... Awesome!!!!

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    Default Kasilof Report 7-18-7-19... Awesome!!!!

    We arrived at the mouth of the Kasilof (north end) around 7PM last night, we saw quite a few people bringing fish in so we hurried and dressed up. Fishing by 7:30 -8:00PM, after an hour, I had 18, my buddy had 16 and my wife had 4.

    By midnight, we had limited out (35) and my buddy had 42 of his 55 and our other friends had 24 of their 35, by 1:30 fishing had slowed considerably, but I at least I had all mine cleaned

    My buddy got 9 more over the night, and got his last 4 in 20 minutes at around 8AM this morning, we were all packed up and off the beach by 9:30AM

    Probably, the best dipnetting I've seen in a while, fish were all decent size and my buddy caught several nice big bright fish!!!!

    All in all, a very fun and short trip!!!!!

    Good luck out there!!!

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    Good to hear. Hope the fishing is just as good tomorrow night. Headed down there right after church.

    Will be my daughters first year in the water with a net of her own. Hoping she does well.

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    hope it keeps till fri when I can head down

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    How far from the state rec camp ground is the nearest access to dip net?


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