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Thread: G19 worth the cost?

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    Default G19 worth the cost?

    Hey guys,

    I've been actively searching for a Glock 19 the last couple months. I have found one, brand new, never been fired/carried from a private owner. Gun has metropolite night sights and is in OD. With shipping FFL 2 FFL and all it would run me about $600.

    Would y'all consider this a fair amount, or is he asking too much?

    Thanks for any/all info guys,

    Nurse by night, Alaska adventurer by day!

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    that s retail, you m ight look around and you'll get thje same or better without transfer fees.

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    An option would be to wait until the gun show that is upcoming. The night sites are usually around $100 and the price of the handgun with those is going to be close to $600. I bought mine when I lived in another state for about $480 or so a few years ago and then I bought night sights for another hundred, so you are fairly close to where it's going to be. Might as well buy it! It's a great sidearm!


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