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Thread: Best fabric for survival kits and day pack?

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    Default Best fabric for survival kits and day pack?

    I expect to have a couple pouches custom made for survival kits and possibly a day pack for hunting/fishing. I wondered what you folks thought is the best fabric for these pouches and pack. I have been considering polyester, nylon, or more specific types such as Cordura or ballistic nylon. I mostly want the end products to be relatively water resistant and resistant to abrasion, tears, etc. I would rather not spend an arm and a leg, such as for Cordura or ballistic nylon, unless I am gaining something substantial. So, what do you guys think? Please explain your choice so I know your line of reasoning.


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    I have several yards of heavy water-resistant treated duck canvas. It's pretty thick, but it seems strong. I had bought it to make a ghillie suit, but I never did.

    Though I've never field tested it, you might want to give it a try.

    I wouldn't use it for a pack, but it would work well enough for other things. It is cotton though, so might not be your best choice for wet weather outdoor stuff...


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