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Thread: contol cable maintanence??

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    Default contol cable maintanence??

    SO what do you do and how to keep your throttle and steering cables and all that stuff in tip top shape? I imagine you need to get some oil or something down those cables now and then.

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    One way to do it is to remove them and let em hang and squirt some lube on the cable and trickle down to it comes out the other end. Another method is a "cable luber", I have one I bought at a motorcycle shop and it will fit a variety of cables sizes and then you can pressure the cable with some aersol type lube. I have never used this on my boat cables but dont see why it wouldnt work.
    You will have to disconnect one end and I suspect the motor end would be the easiest as you wouldnt have to take the control box apart.
    I am sure the lube will help, but the cables do have a life span, and sometimes its best to just replace them.
    Hope this helps.


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