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Thread: Handle Length for boat dippn

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    Question Handle Length for boat dippn

    I am going to try dip netting the Kenai from my boat for the first time. How long should the net handle be? How big of a hoop? I have dipped from the shore for years, so I have very long handles and big hoops. It seems they would be a problem from a boat.

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    We used short handle on my 19' Klamath
    Went out Thursday and joined the throngs.Put in at the Kenai city dock2 hours before low tide spent 3 hours fishing the south channel with 4' hoops and because of the depths changing we'd sometimes hit bottom.Our nets had fairly short handles so we wouldn't bop each other on the noggin.Saw some people in boats using 20' handles that looked to be having a real hassle,so I guess it depends on the size of your boat.

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    We used four and five foot poles. I'm still looking for another one myself. I have three nets but only two poles. I only have room for two nets in the water on my 20 foot Alumuweld but I'm borowing the two I have. If my buddy decides to come down I'll be stuck without a good net.

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    Usually around 6 to 7 feet in length works fine. You don't need to get real deep and it makes for easier handling in the boat. We fish with either 4 or 5 foot hoops.

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    For a low side boat a 10' net lets you reach down when you need to for picking the fish off the bottom. If you have a high side inboard boat like I do then you need a 12' net- that is handle (6') and 4' loop included. The handle also needs to be stronger for the boat due to the current and occasional hook up on the bottom with rocks. Ron Fuller in Chugiak made my nets and they were awesome for fishing this weekend. The slightly longer net length let us have success when the fishing was slow for others because we were able to scrape the bottom waters. Just something I noticed watching for hours on end. Good luck dipping.


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