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Thread: Kenai peninsula flounder?

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    Default Kenai peninsula flounder?

    Looking for any information and/or suggestions on fishing from the bank for fish other than salmon, like flounder etc near the mouth of the Kenai river or in Homer? Please include bait to use high tide or low tide etc Thankyou in advance

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    Cast a baited hook (herring or any other stinky bait) off the end of the Homer Spit. I would assume that low tide would be best due to the easier access to bottom structure that isn't exposed every 12 hours, but I could be wrong.

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    Ditto on what Brian said, herring. Throw it off the end of the spit and wait 60 seconds for a flounder, big cod, dolly varden etc to hit it. Also had good success targeting rockfish from shore in Seward


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