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Thread: Floating the lower kenai

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    Default Floating the lower kenai

    Does anyone float the lower river for reds? I don't know the river but I was hoping to put in at the city park / bridge & float to a couple islands / sandbars that you can fish off of to kind of break away from the combat lines. I realize all power boaters will do this as well but it should still be less then on the road accessible shores.
    I vaguely remember one such island direclty across the river from a state dock by big eddy(?)
    Are there others anyone would pm about or that would allow a place to take out?

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    Check out page 52 of the reg book for closed river bank areas. The majority of these islands are closed to fishing from shore. It's getting tighter and tighter to find a decent place to fish for reds....unless you own a chunk of river front property.

    Your easiest haul out will be Eagle Rock. You can also take out at Stewarts Landing (just below Big Eddy) or the Pillars. Pillars can be tough to use if you're out on a power boat day. Eagle Rock is a real easy haul out since you float right into a large slack water area (stay to the right of the rock)...only problem is, they charge $20 for a drift boat/raft haul out.


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