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Thread: Fishing Sitka during first week of May

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    Default Fishing Sitka during first week of May

    I am looking to plan a trip to Sitka to fish next year, 2009, and I was wondering what the typical weather and fishing conditions would be during the first week in May? I know, it's a newbie request and a way too generalized question but maybe I can be a little more specific;
    Is this too early in the year?
    Would Kings, Halibut and Ling Cod be available at that time?
    Are there any charters/lodges running that early?
    I am new to this board but I have enjoyed reading the posts and adding to my knowledge of Alaska and it's fishing. There are some great sources of information here.
    So if you could help out with some general or specif info I would really appreciate it.


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    You might be a touch early for kings, but the biggest that have ever come out of Sitka come in May. There will be some halibut too, but Lingcod will be closed as far as I know.
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