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Thread: Yanert River Float

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    Default Yanert River Float

    Has anyone on here ever floated or been on the Yanert River near Denali? A friend of mine and I were looking at the possibility of a float hunt in this area this fall however, I do not know much about it other than what I can see on the topo map. It looks pretty braided, but I would like to know what kind of water to expect and or how fast the river is, rapids if any etc. Any information would be helpful and appreciated.



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    Most of the river is pretty tame. Except for the last 4-5 miles upstream of the mouth where it dumps into the Nenana, from there it gets into Class III+ rapdis.

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    Default Jet boat?

    Has anyone run a jet on this river? Is it runable?

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    I believe that the Yanert fork is closed to jetboats. I think I looked that up in the hunting regs once. Definitely check for yourself though. I'm not sure about regular recreational usage though, i.e., fishing, camping, etc.


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