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    Default Newbie Advice

    Just move to anchorage in May. Have an enthusiastic 1.5 year old Chocolate female that LOVES to hunt...and a new wife that likes to hunt also!

    I have looked around a little bit, but have not really done any duck/goose hunting research. The only waterfowl that I have hunted in AK was at Minto flats after a moose hunt several years back.

    Where do I start my research besides the ADFG website information? Seems like it will be hard to learn, but might be real good after I get some experience.

    I do have a friend of a friend that might show me some of the ropes and he has a small boat.

    I left ALL of my deeks that I used in Colorado with my brother (who is in Wyoming)...not enough room on the moving van to bring 12 dozen duck and goose deeks, laydowns, etc.

    What kind of spreads do you run here - please please please don't tell me that I need 8 dozen full body goose deeks............that would SUCK for me!

    What are the duck options? I have to get me a harley for the wall - and some sea ducks would be fun to shoot, but maybe not so fun to eat.

    What about the inland birds - what kind, and how do you hunt them ?? Where are starting points to go scouting? What kind of gear do I need? Spreads?

    I would love to put a Puffin on the wall (just kidding - well, not really, but I know that they aren't on the hunting menu)!!!

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    Like any web based forum the search function answers your questions without having to actually ask them. There are not a lot of posts on here so reviewing the subject lines could lead one to all the knowledge they need to find some success here in Cook Inlet. Also lurking at some other forums like The Refuge or the DHC could provide lots of data.

    Google Earth is really useful to find the few roads that lead to the few places to hunt. Finding those same roads at O Dark Thirty is another story.

    Key words are Hay Flats, Jim Lake/Creek, Swan Lake, 20 Mile River.

    You will not miss your goose decoys until you move to Delta Junction.

    Gear? what ever you need for duck hunting anyplace else works here.

    Spreads? what ever works on that day.

    The one thing that new comers don't know about is that the drakes are all brown until a month or more into the season, so setting up a stool of greenheads may not pull in the birds.

    If you love to walk into your hunting areas you will have to do a lot of searching to find a spot since they are few and far between and surrounded by a half mile of alders. But there is the Anchorage Refuge here in town but the spots are limited to the southern edge.

    The Upland bird info is on the small game forum and easy to search for and find.

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    Default Finding ducks for a newbie

    You will have trouble hunting if you are only walking. Palmer Hay flats provides some great puddle duck shoots if you walk and jump shoot. You might catch a few and pass shoot along the river or the rabbit slough. IF you park at the parking lot at Rabbit Slough take a right and walk down about 1/4 mile til you see a small slough going to the right. Place a few deks out in the hole at the mouth and you should bag a few right there. Thats about the only place I know of that you can get to without a boat. Well, you can drive to 20 mile river and walk in but ****..thats a hike in waist deep water and weeds...good hunting when the birds are in.

    Best advice..look on craigslist and pick up a cheap reliable boat and will love duckhunting in Alaska after that.

    Good luck

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    Default I am budgeting

    to get a river jet boat and a propped boat for lakes and kenai - they won't be fancy, but they will have to float.....also plan to get a couple 1 man cats for fishing - they might be able to double as a duck boat.

    thanks for the input - I will start my mapwork for hunting after some of the fishing season passes by. I waterfowl hunt as another past time - and to put a smile on the hound's face....

    Sheep - now that is a lifelong goal - but I have to wait for residency before I can hunt I have a while to plan and scout.


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