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Thread: Halibut and/or Silvers charters out of Valdez?

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    Default Halibut and/or Silvers charters out of Valdez?


    My deepest apologies for the negative note but I got pretty well burned last year on a charter. If your answer is biased because you are the captain or related in some way to the business (etc), then please don't answer. I followed the advice of someone with a dog in the fight last year and landed on the worst charter of my life ...but someone who was a personal friend of the person who gave the advice. Lazy deck hand, insufficient selection of weights, the worst bait I'd ever seen, lazy captain, slow boat that couldn't go far, you name it (someone chartering out of Seward who will remain unnamed by me.) Now I'm a bit gun shy on advice from people too close to the business.

    That said, what I'd like is advice on Valdez charters for halibut and/or silvers. I probably won't get time for silvers, but a week from this weekend is good for me to go for halibut. Charters are ever more expensive so I'd like to go out with someone that has a solid reputation for getting reasonable halibut ...I'm not a trophy fishing/hunting guy, but chicken ranchers aren't first choice if you know what I mean. I'd rather pay for a longer charter with a good captain in a fast boat than shorter charters, slow boats, and captains without much reputation. What type of boat (speed, size) and approximate regions that they fish would be good to know. Knowing who to go out with for silvers would be nice too, just in case I do get the time. PM me if you want.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default North Country

    The only guy I've chartered with in Valdez is Dennis (I think his last name is Petrie or Petry) @ North Country Charters. That was back in 2003-04, but we had good trips both times we went with him. I think his boat pulled in the derby winner last year or year before.

    You can also check with Fish Central and they can tell you more...


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    Default Orion Charters

    I have been out with Dave Wiley several times and he is a hardcore fisherman has great gear a great boat and is not afraid to burn fuel!
    I have not gone with him for about four years because I moved and got my own boat. The problem I see is that you may never get on the boat this summer,I would assume he is already all booked up. Check however you may get a cancellation.
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    Default orion charters

    I agree w/ salt, dave is one hell of a fisherman, we went on a shark charter several years ago and I have never seen a skipper work as hard as he did, 9 sharks caught and 5 kept and he would not stop fishing until every one on the boat had there fill. have seen on his web site his new boat and it looks amazing. do a search on google for orion charters he is awesome!!!
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    Default Reel Pleasure

    I Have Been Out A Few Times (INCLUDING THIS JUNE) With Captain Dave Bruss From Reel Pleasure On The "no Excuses" He Is Very Successful As You Can Tell By Looking At Past Results From The Halibut Derby. Fast Boat Also. Not A Lot Of Chit Chat From Him Because He Is All Business. Chances Are He Is Booked But You Can Call Reel Pleasure At 835-5561. I Have No Dog In This Fight And I Have Heard Of Other Great Guides In Valdez But I Have Not Fished There With Anyone Else.

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    Default Dave Wiley

    Another vote for Dave Wiley on the Dan Orion. I have fished with him for the past two years and have him booked again this year. The man flat gets it.

    For silvers, I have never taken a charter, but my sisters, mother, and 7 yo nephew went out on the Alaskai last year. I believe the captain is named Wayne but won't swear to it. He books through Fish Central. They had a great time, said he and the mate was really personable. He got them all a limit, none of them fish much at all. He even stayed out for an extra couple hours sight seeing just because it was a beautiful day. I booked a trip with him this August, as well.

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    I sent you a PM. Be very careful which "very reputable charter" you book with folks.

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    Last summer a buddy and I went out with Del's Brat. They run halibut charters as well as a B&B. Booked it at the freezing place there at the dock. Decent charter.

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    I've been on Orion with Dave Wiley several times and every time we have taken fish in excess of 100 pounds. Last year I took a 209 and a 104 and there were several other fish taken which exceeded 100 pounds. I was aced out of the big fish of the week by No Excuses which brought in a 227 the same day. I am booked with No Excuses the first week of August and this will be my first trip with him.
    I have been on a couple of other boats which were duds. The old story of "we'll just stay anchored here and when the tide changes it will pick up". In my experience this is a lazy charter captain and it never did pick up either.

    I was able to get a reservation for three with Orion months ago for the week I needed but I had to have 4 as I have relatives coming up that want to fish halibut. It will be interesting to compare the two Daves.


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