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Thread: Black Bear Floats near Fairbanks

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    Default Black Bear Floats near Fairbanks

    What are some good rivers to float for black bears near Fairbanks? I was thinking about floating the Chena River in early August from near Colorado Creek back towards the Dam would this be worth while for blackies? Any information would be helpful. Thanks

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    Default Black Bears

    I donít want to discourage you, but the rivers in and around Fairbanks are going to be hard to spot black bears on. Its not that there is a lack bears but there is too much vegetation and high banks which makes for poor visibility. I have been on rivers where everywhere you look there is bear sign but you wont see a single bear for twelve days. You have to be extremely lucky to time it just right so that you can catch one on the bank and it stays there long enough to get a shot. If you are really trying to get a bear that time of year try to find some hills that still have some berries on them and glass.


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