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Thread: Luepold custom reticles

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    Default Luepold custom reticles

    I am contemplating sending in my VXIII 1.75-6 to have the Post Duplex reticle put in. The scope in my only rifle, Ruger .375 alaskan. The gun came with the VXIII with a German #4 reticle. I liked it but seemed to cross hairs were to large when on 1x. I seen the post duplex online and it appears to be a heavy duplex lower with the top verticle being the fine duplex line. Plus the space bewteen heavier lines seemed greater, where it goes to the finer duplex dead center of the scope. Anyone have this reticle on a scope from the custom shop? I looked in town for a luepold with a heavy duplex and nobody had one.

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    Default I have it...

    My VXIII 1.75 x 6 has the post/duplex reticle, the 1.5 x 5 has the German #4 and the 2.5 x 8 has the standard duplex. I can not see a difference in my groups at a 100 yards when I use these scopes on my custom Mod. 70 in .338 mag. I have had the heavy duplex and did not like it, go figure. The post/duplex is a good hunting reticle for your thumper.


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