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Thread: Running the Kenai

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    Default Running the Kenai

    I just wanted to get some information on the difficulty of running the Kenai River with a prop from the Centennial boat launch downstream. I have a 16 foot Smokercraft with a 50HP Honda 4 Cycle. Are there a lot of hidden boulders that I need to be aware of or is it pretty easy to find the channel? Thanks for the information.

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    Default Difficult question

    The simple answer is yes and yes.

    There are many hidden boulders, many shallow gravel bars, many hazards, particularly in the Centennial area. If you like your prop, I recommend going first with a friend who knows the river and can point out not only the hidden hazards, but also the traditional traffic lanes.

    The Kenai is a very busy river in July. The water is high and it is relatively easy to read the river if you have experience reading flowing water.

    Be careful, if all esle fails, follow someone like a guide or a friend who knows the river and you will likely do fine.

    Good luck


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