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Thread: Anyone use SeattleSport/TitanE drybag?

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    Default Anyone use SeattleSport/TitanE drybag?

    Has anyone used the drybags made by Seattle Sports? They are made of a different, material called Titan/E which is lighter weight than PVC. I bought one recently and am wondering about the durability and abrasion resistence of this bag, especially when baggage handlers drag it around. The bottom isn't thicker like some PVC bags. I have some concerns and might eat the cost and buy something else rather than risk a leak or tear during a trip.
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    I have some Seattle Sports bags, and find them to be good bags. But they are easier to poke holes into, or wear through the fabric than heavyweight PVC. I like them for small bags where wear is less of a factor. They are easier to open & close, so I use one for a day bag to store a jacket, hat, sunblock, etc.

    Seattle Sports caters more to the Sea Kayaking crowd, and they make bags like this because they stuff better into long skinny boats. I don't think they are the ideal general purpose rafting bags.

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    Unhappy well thanks for the honest answer

    thx for the more honest answer:

    before I bought it, by mail order, I asked the guy who sold it to me how the material puncture and abrasion resistence compared to the NRS "bill's bag" (which I have and he also sells), since I was going to be packing it to check on a plane up to Alaska.

    He said they were "equivalent"; which in my opinion (and yours) it is not even close. The seattle sports bag might make it up there if it were packed inside something else, like a bill's bag, but I think baggage handlers would tear the seattle sports bag to shreds. No way would it make it up to alaska packed with 50 pounds of gear. Even if it did, if I set it packed on anything sharp I would risk a puncture alot more than the NRS bill's bag.

    Then when I called today for information on returning it, the guy who sold it to me wasn't there, and I'm supposed to call in the morning to find out their return policy. Kinda engenders some suspicion (other people in the store don't know the return policy)?

    Oh well. maybe there's a moral to the story here....not sure what it is (always ask about return policy, assume nothing, perhaps?), but if this becomes an $80 lesson for me I thought I might share it.
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