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Thread: Chitna Costs for 2008?

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    Default Chitna Costs for 2008?

    So what does Mark Hemm charge for a charter this year? What about parking down there and the cleaning table? I'm trying to figure out how much cash to bring.

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    I think it's $100 this year plus $10 to fish during the supplemental - cleaning table if I remember is a donation of $5...bring ice and gas money too!

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    Default anyone that ned info on chitna

    If you have any questions send me a message. I will be glad to give info for a successful dip trip. listen to the report on the phone, listen to mark/sam on how to dip in your spot(each spot is different, ask questions if he says the fish are there listen! bring about an extra 10 gal of gas, this will prevent you paying extra in town, be nice and donate 5 bucks for the cleaning table( this makes it really nice. Sam does have a guy there to help yuou cut up your fish if you dont know how, he's good and worth the buck per fish. bring big cooler andf abut 5 to 10 bags of ice that way your fish will last at least 3 or 4 days while you process them at home. again questions ask good luck. oh one more thing bring sun glasses and snivel gear it can get really wet and windy, rope for safty line. the river was really smoken with alot of trees comeing down.


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