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Thread: Eagle River or other II-III run?

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    Default Eagle River or other II-III run?

    I am not normally down this way (Anchorage), but I've got a packraft that's dying to see it's first run.

    I would like to do the section of the Eagle River from the Bridge down to the campground, but I'm up for any other suggestions within an hour's drive from Anchorage that are class II-III (ideally not continuous III, haven't done any paddling yet this year). So if there are any non-9 to 5ers or you are willing to play hooky - Thursday morning is the best for me, Friday if not.
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    Lyon Creek flowing South from Turnagain Pass is a fun class II run. Start just past the top of the pass, and get out at either of the two campgrounds below. This is a favorite for the IK crowd, and jittery paddlers in very short canoes. Not much true whitewater, but so many twists & turns it will keep you busy for a couple hours.

    Portage Creek from the lake down is another. Class I though.

    Eagle River from Campground through Ft Richardson to Bravo Bridge is class II+. Free passes are available at the FT Rich gate.


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