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Thread: Flu flu arrows

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    Default Flu flu arrows

    How many of you use flu flu arrows for small game hunting? Been reading about them and they seem like a good all around arrow for small game and birds.

    Just wondering if they live up to what I have read.

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    Default Traditionaly

    I use them out of my recurve, never shot them out of the wheel bow. They're great for small game. Just love the sound of that putter going down range.

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    I love shooting 'em through my stickbow. Tossing targets, like a foam ball or 1 liter pop bottle, in the air and trying to shoot them is a blast. The best part, even if I miss (which I do often) I can always find the arrow as they don't go far.

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    I've never tried them but probably will although I've got mixed feelings about them.... I like shooting my big game arrows at small game with Judo heads because I feel it's great big game practice. Flu Flus ate going to hit in a different spot since they shed speed so fast.
    I also hate loosing $15 arrows (I shoot grizzly sticks).
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    I love flu flu arrows for all my small game hunting. When you are shooting a maximum of 20 yards they are the way to go. The way I hun my bunnies and grouse heck 20 yards is a long shot! I can shoot at flying grouse ( with success too ) running bunnies and never worry about losing or burying my arrow. I like kondor tips on my flu flu arrows they really knock the poo outa small game and ducks.

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    They work great out of my Bowtech Patriot (circa 2003) on carbon arrows... you'll get about 20 yards of accurate flight, anything above that is pure luck.

    It is nice to be able to find your arrow after a shot.

    The arrows do go quite a bit slower, so a little 'tweaking' may be necessary on your sight picture. I didn't move my sights, just my point of aim.

    Easy to make too... an Arizona EZ fletcher, some fletch tight, and a bag of feathers... whalla I have a half dozen 'old' arrows converted for small game huntin.

    I also put a small game tip on the end... helps stop the arrow on the missed critters.


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