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Thread: Elk on Etolin

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    Default Elk on Etolin

    I was lucky enough to finally draw my first tag DE323. It wasn't my number one choice but I am not going to pass up the opportunity either. I have read on the past threads about this being a very difficult hunt, but that is not going to stop me.

    I am looking for information on the possible areas of the island to look into. Also does calling work? I will have access to a boat if that helps. I plan on going the last week in October.

    Any information is greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you choose.

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    When they planted the elk it was on the SE corner of Etolin. Still seem to concentrate on that end. Some of the biggest ones are on top and 7-8 hours of hard brush bustin hikin. A friend went alpine and dropped a 5x5 with his bow. While he was workin on it a 7 stepped out of the brush and got my buddy neverous he was so close and just stayed there. He didn't know if the biggun wanted a piece of him or the one on the ground, cuz he was covered in cow urine!! LOL The rut is usually during bow season and ends before rifle begins. There are wheeler roads on the north side but not much sign of the ghosts.
    My boy drew a tag 6 years ago and we went into a lowland lake with little sign. Did see some flying in that were laying in muskeg. A boat on the beach told me that someone was puttin a stalk on.
    Fin and feather has a hard time on aerial surveys because of the dense Tongass.
    Good Luck and fill me in.
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    Default Get Help!

    Talked to a local in Ketchikan who had done this hunt by climbing in to the high spot, camping out and then had his son's football team help him carry it out to the beach. He said they were up in the alpine. Good Luck!

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    Default Go south

    Go south start low and work up. I hunted on Zarembo for elk 4 years ago. I went high and the elk (I found out later) were on the beach eating seaweed.
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