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    Default CZ 9.3x62

    So I have been looking to replace my .35. Went to a sporting goods store on an unrelated matter and couldn't help myself, leaving with a CZ in 9.3x62. Nice wood, iron sights, set trigger . Im thinking 286 partitions for moose and elk in bear country, 270 speer for plinking/deer. I see a 250 accubond and/or barnes are available. Anyone use them? is the 9.3 fast enough for a barnes tsx? My old Barnes manual has 2644fps as top velocity for a 250 XFB. I expect it is not worth the trouble in this cartridge. I also see hornady has a 286 interlock which I will try if the price is right. bullets such as swift have been hard to get or special order only where I live.

    I have owned older CZ rifles and they were solid, accurate and reliable. Any comments, things to watch for with the newer models. And last any reccomendations for quick release rings?


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    From what I have heard the 250 X bullets are very nice in that round. The X's mushroom at low enough velocity to open in the 9.3. The 250 is actually moving right along in that round.

    I have not had my best accuracy with X bullets but I would not say they are troublesome in any way. Some guys get excellent accuracy with them.

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    I DO wish they'd start making them in LH.

    I know they already make their rimfires and 527 in LH, but I already have plenty of those.
    Now what ?

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    Default 9.3 Mauser

    The 250 grain TSX does nicely. With penetration to spare velocity is fine for anything thin skinned up here.

    250 grain Noxler - 60 grains 4064 - 2561 fps
    270 " Speer - 58 " " - 2410 fps
    270 " " - 56 grains 3031 - 2464 fps
    300 grain Swift - 64 grains H414 - 2349 fps

    These all shoot under 1 inch at 100 yards with my Steyr Pro Hunter. Haven't tried my CZ Mannlicher yet. Again, work up loads carefully for your rifle.

    The 270 Speer will take on moose and down... 286 will kill anything... solids for ele.

    Graf and Sons has a good price for 286 grain bullets (pri) .. that look as good as the Lapua's I have. Consider the 9.3 to be an "upgraded Whelen" although it is older than the Whelen... 1905.


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    Default 9.3x62

    66 grs. of 4350 with a 270 gr. Speer . Rolled over a bear , no problem . CZ 550 .


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