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Thread: russian river bike lock up

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    Default russian river bike lock up

    i was wonder what do you guys do with your bikes after you've gotten through the gate. can you just lock them to the wodden fences at the top of the stairs?? what do you guys do to keep them from getting stolen??

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    The fences would probably be fine. I ride mine up to the falls and chain it to a tree. I have a pretty expensive seat post, though, so I also pull that off and put it in my pack. Don't leave any part that is easily removed unsecured, like a front tire that has a quick release mechanism.

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    As Brian said. Big Tree. It is sad to think someone would mess with your gear, but a nice cable and lock through a big ole honking tree will keep the people away. As we say in the construction business, Locks only keep the honest people out. If they want it they will get it. The sad part is that there are those few that will do it.
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    We would chain ours up off the trail a little bit out of sight when we would go up to the falls.


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