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    I'm planning a trip to Alaska in mid August into mid September and I was looking into getting a new sleeping bag. I found the brand Wiggy's sleeping bag and was wondering what you think of it The other concern I had was if I should get the X-Long/Wide Body: (90" x 34") or the X-Long/Regular: (90" x 31") I'm not a fat person I was just thinking the wider one would be more comfortable or would the smaller one be warmer.

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    Been using one for 2 years now and won't use anything else. For hunting that time of year you should be fine with either an Ultralight (20 degree), Superlight (0 degree) or a Mountain Hunter bag (15 degree?). Call Marc Taylor at Wiggys-Alaska! 336-1330 and he'll tell you everything you need to know about Wiggy's and sleeping bags in general.

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    If you decide to go with Wiggy's, Marc is sure to help you out. One thing I will mention about the size is that warm comfort and roomy comfort are two different things. I recently bought a long bag for "roomy comfort" and found out that it is not the warm comfort that my same bag in size regular is. Snug keeps wearing a XXXL t-shirt when you normally wear a M. Long bag is now for sale


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