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    Going to Sitka for the second time in mid August.
    The first time I fished there we caught our limits of kings and silvers but also caught some salmon I believe were called pinks or chums.They were either used for halibut bait or relaesed.
    I would like to know if these salmon are of a lesser quality for eating?
    Are they not a desireable catch?
    If we do not catch our limits of silvers should we keep some of these?
    Thank you for any input.


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    Chums and pinks are generally not considered to be as good as kings, silvers, and reds due to their lower oil content. That being said, chums and pinks out of the ocean are fine eating and are worth trying. If it were me, I would smoke the chums and eat the pinks soon on a grill. Pinks don't freeze as well as other salmon, so that should be taken into consideration.


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