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Thread: First reloading kit?

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    Post First reloading kit?

    I have just learnt how to reload and now I need a starting kit with all the necessary stuff.Anyone that could recommend a good reloading kit?


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    My dad bought the RCBS Rock Chucker kit back in the 70s and we've both used it since. Added some things over time but it's been a great set up for us as basic recreational shooters and hunters.

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    Default Rcbs

    Go ahead and get an RCBS kit now and save the money you will spend upgrading to it later. They have a full product line and make a great product. Check out and Cabelas has a free "Shooting" catalog you can have mailed to you and it has lots of reloading kits/supplies in it.
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    Either Redding or RCBS kits are the best. Here is a place with SUPER prices on Redding kits!! This is where I bought mine and have never been happier.

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    Default First Reloading Kit

    you will find that everyone has a preference. I was a LEE man because it was the best value and you got the most in the kits. I can say that now I am going green because my wife just bought me the PRO2000 kit. I would recommend that you do your homework decide for either single stage or progressive then break open the peggy bank and see what happens. Good luck.


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