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Thread: Deer on Afognak

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    Question Deer on Afognak

    Has anyone hunted deer on the northeast side of the island? Tonki peninsula area. I was on the Kopernof peninsula a couple of years ago and was pretty lucky. Just looking for info and wondering how many times I am gonna get stuck by devils club.

    "It's better to be lucky than good any day."

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    I lived on Kodiak WAY back in the eighties. Spent four weeks on a tree planting crew on Afognak, and also fished around the island. Back then the deer were very plentifull. I certainly can't vouch for populations now, but it is, overall, exceptional habitat.
    Two winters ago was pretty tough on all ungulates here, and last winter was no picnic either, but I would recomend finding somebody with VERY RECENT local knowledge of the population health in the area your going to be in.
    I know that seems like a "no brainer", but just trying to prepare you for what may be.


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