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Thread: Homer Halibut Help / Family Outing

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    Default Homer Halibut Help / Family Outing


    Truth be told, I would rather stand waist deep in a trout stream all by myself and soak in the experience but occasionally the need for something different arises.
    I am planning to fish out of Homer on Saturday 7/18 and Deep Creek the next day with my wife and 2 boys. I am in a 20' foot Thunder Jet. From a safety standpoint, the boat can run a heck of a lot further out than my wife will be comfortable with so we will be fishing from a point where land is visible. Given that, I am looking for any reasonable current information on where I might find fish out of deep creek . I have done this a couple of times but I have to admit it has been a hit or miss endeavor. I am not looking forderby winners, just enough to fill the cooler and make the trip enjoyable. Any thoughts?

    Homer presents another question? I would rather not launch in Homer to run back around toward Anchor Point. Going out from the spit are there reasonable areas to fish relatively close in towards Tutka of Jakalof? Do I need ro run as far as Selvovia? Once again just looking for the 20-30# range. As I am a one man show, anything beyond that tends to turn into work.
    I see people launching 2 hours before the tide peaks and coming back in 3 hours after and then I see people that launch in the morning regardless of the tide and fish all day. What is preferred?

    Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.

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    Hey Frozen,
    Well, I don't know any holes over by Tutka or Jakalov, but there are a few fairly in close to Homer itself. For years, if the water was sucky, we used to go to the 'Main Street' hole. Basically run along the Homer side and when you can see Main Street running up and down the hill (it is only visible like that for a few minutes) head out to 80' of water. More of a chicken hole but I have seen some really nice fish caught there - like my niece's 165#'er!!

    Mostly I run out on the Seldovia bumps or the fingers... about a 45 minute to hour run on decent water. And there are rockfish along the Seldovia shoreline as well (great fun for kids!)

    As far as the tides go, it depends on who I have with me. The guys from work, and family and such, it doesn't matter as if the tides are still strong over the hole, we just do some drifting and no one minds being gone all day. But for friends that are not 'water friendly' or those with smaller kids I make it a faster trip and try to limit my time out. I usually figure out where I'm going, account for travel time to that hole, and plan my launch accordingly. I usually leave 2 hours before tide - so that I have time before slack as well as after. Then I return so they are not 'taxed'.

    Hopefully someone can get you a close hole by Tutka Bay...
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    Ya play the tides. Get to your spot about an hour before low slack, that way you'll should have some halibut moving to you by slack tide, and things pick up with the flood tide. Be patient, you'll get some flattys, and if you wait long enough, you can generally get a nice fish towards the end. The biggest fish come last, you rarely drop a bait right on their head, but it does happen...
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    Default Deep Creep Boat Launch

    I was told by a avid fishermen yesterday that the state boat launch at Deep Creek is open. It has been many years since I remember using that site and back then it was basically a high tide only funtion.

    Has anyone used this facility recently? I was planning to head out two days and thought this might be a viable option to $110 in tractor fees.

    Thanks for the info in advance.

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    Default deep creek launch

    I used the deep creek river boat launch a few weekends ago. Unless you have something semi-small to manually wade an' drag up the river in low tide it can be a wait until the water comes back up. I think the wait is worth the $ saved though. Head out as soon as the water fills the channel, no matter what time of day and plan to come back in 12 hours or so. 1.5 - 2 hours before the tide should be good to head out.


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