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Thread: Late Kenai Silver Run

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    Default Late Kenai Silver Run

    Looking for advice on what week of September is normally the best time to fish the Kenai for silvers. We plan on staying in or near Soldotna so that's the basic area we'd be fishing.

    When just looking at it from an hours fished to number of fish caught ratio, how does fishing for Kenai silvers during the Sept. 5-20 time period usually compare to fishing for them in mid-August? Thanks, Tom

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    Default September Silvers

    Traditionally the fishing is good from the second week on. Nevertheless, everything is exceptionally late this year, so it is anybody's guess.

    The fishing for coho will be practically the same August and September, however the pinks, and sockeye will be present in August.

    On the other hand, the coho are significantly larger in September and October than in August. Likewise, the limit increases to three per person per day starting Sept 1.

    My preference is September

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    Thanks very much for the info, alaskan. As far as the pinks and reds go, pinks aren't all that great to eat and drifting a hook into a fish's head (i.e. fishing for reds) is something that doesn't appeal to me. So it sure sounds like Sept will be a better choice (especially if I can get into some rainbows too).

    Do the pinks kind of get in the way when you're trying to catch silvers in August?

    I didn't know the limit went to three on Sept. 1... That is great news!

    Thanks again.

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    Default Pinks

    Indeed, the pinks like the same presentation as silvers... the nice thing however is the frequently bent rod. Pinks are a lot of fun and if you get them in tide water, fresh, they are great to eat (they don't freeze well, but smoke and can just fine). Pink eggs make great bait as well.

    For the bows, September will still sport a bead show, but on a pink year, you could be looking at a great flesh fly game by mid month.

    Regarding the sockeye, they do indeed strike a fly in clear water (sure the majority of catches are flossing, but I have watched sockeye turn and take a fly!). I often say that it is a good thing that sockeye don't get to 40 pounds or it would be impossible to land one... I think that they are the hardest fighting salmon pound for pound.

    Good luck


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