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Thread: Best braid for Curado 300DSV?

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    Default Best braid for Curado 300DSV?

    I like Stren Super Braid a lot and like Sufix pretty good too. But looking for any opinions regarding braid (brand and size) that would be best for a Curado 300DSV. I have a bunch of Super Braid in 40lb test but I imagine it's too narrow in diameter for such a relatively wide baitcaster. Anyone ever use 50lb Stren braid on a 300DSV? I'd rather not go all the way to 65lb but I might have to in order to get a big enough diameter.

    Any opinioins on Sufix monofilament would also be greatly appreciate. Mainly want to know if it has low visibility.

    Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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    It all depends on the type of fishing your doing. I have the Curado 300 DSV loaded with 40lb Power Pro for bobber fishing smaller rivers for Kings & Silvers, and have had no problems. Next year I will be fishing some larger rivers for Kings and will upgrade to 50lb Power Pro (high Vis Yellow). I believe the 50lb line diameter is equivalent to 12 lb mono?

    Fished Suffix Elite (hi Vis) mono for kings this year and had the line abrubtly break twice. Once when casting, and one on a fish running for a log jam. I think I will try the P-Line CXX, which is suppose to be extremely strong.
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    Thanks for the info, Steelie. Yeah, I think 50lb Stren Super Braid says 12lb diameter on the box. That's weird about the Sufix Elite... and really sucks.

    Why do you choose hi-vis yellow?

    I've never even heard of the P-Line CXX.

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    I hear Stren braid is good stuff too.
    I use th hi-vis line when drift fishing from the bank. It's much easier on the eyes to watch the line. If it stops it's either a snag or a fish. I use clear leaders.
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    Can`t comment on braids as I don`t use them but the Sufix Seige is great mono...just wet your knots before you pull `em tight and 90% of breakage will cease.


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