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    Hello all. I have a question. I really want to catch a chum on a fly rod. I have been able to catch the other four salmon species on the fly, but I have yet to encounter a chum. I live in Soldotna, and do not want to travel too far. I know this limits my options, but I was thinking either Tonsina creek out of Seward, or sixmile/resurection creeks. My main question is what is the run timing on chums? Do they usually show up before or after the pinks. Also do any of you have a killer chum fly pattern?

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    check out the mouth of Tonsina in another week or so... it is a big year for the chum run in Seward; almost 1/4 of all the salmon caught are coming in chum... harder to distinguish in the salt from the silvers unless you look closely (big eye and really flaky scales)... though they still fight hard and average 10lbs or more...

    not sure about run timing with the pinks... but probably somewhat mixed..


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