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    Default Eagle River

    Floated the campground rapids twice last week. Water levels have been decent and it has been fun breaking in my Kenai Drifter 14'.

    We have not seen another person on the water each of the times. As a plus, we had a group of tourists cheering us on when we ran campground on Saturday.

    Planning on floating through to Bravo Bridge tonight.

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    Default How was it?


    How was the section from the campground at the highway bridge down to the takeout at bravo bridge on fort rich?

    I just moved down to eagle river so knew the first chunk was doable but had always heard the 2nd stretch past the highway was pretty dicey.

    Any others run this section?


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    It's class II+. There are some nice places to play in there. Especially for kayaks. Pretty easy for rafts, but there is some maneuvering to do. I think it's dicey for canoes, but then, I'm not a very good canoeist.

    This is all on Ft Richardson, so everyone going has to have a permit. They are available free at the gate, and are good for two years.


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