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    I just bought the 1895 sunday and took it out and shot it today. I have something happening that is unusual. The lever will not or barely stays in the closed position. Safety on or off, cock or not, ect. after operating the lever bringing the bolt fully closed if you lightly bump the gun the lever pops down about a inch which opens the receiver or at least unlocks the receiver. also pushing up on the pin that lays atthe bottom of the receiver housing results in the same action. This can not be normal?
    I will return it to the store tommorrow but I am just asking if anyone else has had this issue with this gun.

    Jim 3552722

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    Was is new, was it from a pawn shop?

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    Bring it by the shop, sounds like either someone buffed the lever plunger or it's just not right from the factory. Should be a quick easy fix.
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    yes that should be a quick and easy one to fix. Let Steve, Andy or any of the local smith's have a crack at it. wont cost much and it will be way faster than sending it to the factory.. while your at it, you might as well have him slick up the action and do a trigger job, because you were eventually gonna get that done to it anyway right??
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