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Thread: Crow Pass Trail Conditions?

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    Default Crow Pass Trail Conditions?

    I'm running the race this weekend. I've crossed the river this time of year, back in 2006. We also crossed small patches of snow. I was wondering if anyone knows the depth of the river at its crossing, and how much snow is on the trail.

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    Default crow pass

    As of about a week ago trail was very passable, eagle river is about thigh deep mid afternoon.

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    Thigh deep for tall or short people? I'm 5' 5". But we will all need to be past there before ten or eleven in the morning anyway, so perhaps it's lower at that time of day. We've been getting lots of rain in Soldotna, so I'm concerned the trail will be quite sloppy. I fell headlong last week on Crescent Lake trail and knocked myself out. I've been a bit sketchy about this race ever since...

    Thanks for the reply!


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