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Thread: Badlands 2200 backpack load hauling

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    Default Badlands 2200 backpack load hauling

    These look pretty cool. I waw looking at them at SW and they have a roll-away shelf that is blaze orange and can clip to the top of the pack and be used as a meat haulker. How much can these things carry? I tried putting my daugher in it and she weighs about 45 lbs- no problem, but I wonder if it could theoretically haul out a boned deer or deer quaters. What are your thoughts, the good, the band and the ugly? Any real time criticis?

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    My buddy has one of the Badlands packs I believe it is the 2600 and he likes it alot as a day pack. I have been leaning toward the Eberlestock packs because I like their rifle storage system for the hunts that I do. They are at SW as well.

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    I've used my 2200 for a solid year on almost every trip I've been on. Overall I'm very happy with the pack. I havn't packed out meat but I believe it will easily pack out a front moose quarter, not nescessarily by the orange blaze meat hauler, but the mfg recommends you remove all itms from the main compartment and insert meat. It will probably carry a hind quarter but, probably won't be as comfortable as a sturdy pack frame. For short trips it should work just fine. A few have concerns about breaking the pack if hauling out moose quarters but badlands has an unconditional lifetime warranty. From those I've talked to that have used the warranty as claimed it's top notch.

    Things I would change about the pack. Ditch the proprietary water bladder. Build a sturdier rifle holder. And finally install a pistol holster like the super duty but beef it up a bit., adjustable thumb strap etc...

    It's not uncommon for people to use the 2200 as a pack to haul out elk quarters. If it will haul out elk quarters a deer will be no prob.

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    I have the 2800 and love it. It has a bulit in pistol holster on the waist belt. The rifle holder works very well. The built in bladder isn't a problem for me and it easily carries my rifle/spotting scope/tripod/rain gear and a small tarp/shelter with a bunch of room to spare. It fits me like a glove and super comfortable. I use it when both snowmaching or fourwheeling and often forget I'm wearing it.

    Its just a matter of finding the pack that fits your needs. I'm sure the 2200 is a great pack as well its just that the 2800 seemed to be more functional to me as a I can for overnight trips with it a little easier. Good luck!!

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    Default Great Pack for it's intended use

    I have a 2200 and used it last season on a bow moose hunt. I didn't haul moose quarters on it, but I would imagine it'd be possible with some extra webbing. Personally, I bring a Barney's pack frame to haul quarters, but the 2200 would probably do it. I tested a variety of packs in that range of size s and actually took my 2200 back to Sportsmans. After using several of the other's, I bought another 2200 because it turned out to be the most comfortable and user friendly. The batwing design of the thing took a bit of organizing strategy for my needs, but it has turned out to be great. I can fit my moose decoy and poles in the thing along with everything else I need for day hikes. I could even use the thing for a 3-4 day trip if I packed it right. It's a very comfortable pack and excelled for scaling up loose rock/shale. Hope this helps in your decision making.

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    Default Neat and small...........

    I had one. Well made and comfortable. I think it would be ok for a black bear or deer on a day hunt. Other then that I would go bigger. I have 3 packs. A Crooked Horn Outfitters day pack. a Ebelerstock J105 "Just One" and a Barney's. I will never be with out the Barney's. I love the box on my 6 wheeler too!

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    In my experience the 2200 is a great day pack, possibly an overnighter in warmer weather type pack as well. If you going out for 3-4 days then I would definitely consider the 2800. I currently have the 2800 and have used it elk hunting in CO and have hauled out quarters with it easily. On muley hunts I have boned the animal out entirely and put the entire animal in game bags and hauled it and the cape out on one trip. It felt as good as that much weight could feel. No hotspots on the hipbelt or anything. I haven't bought a bigger bag yet. I'm still debating which one to go with but the 4500 is definitely in the top 3 on my list. Also, the warranty is remarkable. You could literally throw this bag down in your front yard and run over with the lawnmower and send it back to the factory and they will repair it or replace it for free. You only pay the cost of shipping. They make an amazing product.
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    I had the older style 2200, and was unimpressed. For the size of it, it ain't that big. It carries like a big pack but has less capacity than many packs half the weight and 1/4 the bulk.

    Rifle carrier is a joke, or maybe I'm too stupid to figure it out. I played with putting weight in it for training, and that was a bad idea - painful with well under 50lbs. I can't imagine trying to pack real weight with it.

    It is a well constructed pack, and has held up very well, but just isn't a meat packer in my opinion.


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