Hey everybody,

I am planning a group float down the East Fork of the Chulitna the end of next week.

I posted a thread back in May when I flew, then ran, the river with my family. The water was low and the turns were tight then.

I'm looking to do the same trip with a group of older Boy Scouts 14yrs+. We will have 3 catarafts with 2 adults per raft. This same group has run the Upper Gulkana to Sourdough. I have heard stories of the river blowing out. I have run the river twice, both times water was low, and while it is a fast and narrow river at the beginning it did not seem too technically difficult. This does not mean that it can't be when you throw in some full size cottonwoods rolling down the river with you. ALL RIVERS HAVE THEIR QUIRKS.

What am I looking for?

Just any recent info from someone that has run the river or will run it before next week. Also someone's experience on the river when it was a blow out. I have read the account posted a couple of weeks ago. If you could reply with an update to the rivers condition after your trip it would be greatly appreciated. Our 2nd option is the Upper Kenai, Cooper Landing, to the Moose River Camp Ground.

I'll work the guide company angles as well.