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Thread: Kenai Peninsula Report July 13

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    Default Kenai Peninsula Report July 13

    Things are really beginning to look up for Kenai Peninsula fishing! There are many different venues where fishing success has most definitely increased, and the statistical number of rod hours requried has gone down. While this week should bring the peak of most central Kenai Peninsula salmon runs, there is still no doubt that most runs are still at least 1 week late. Nevertheless, many are fulfilling their dreams with exceptional fish. In my best estimation, if you have been waiting for the best time to hit the waters of the Kenai, this is the week to give it a try.

    Kenai River

    The Kenai River has given up many very nice king salmon over the last week. We are finally seeing the late run chinook sonar numbers climbing towards 1,000 fish per day. The cumulative count so far is 5,667 as of July 12. At this rate, the expected return is 39,000 +/- (based on data up to July 7). While we had a few days of very poor visibility, things cleared up quite nicely after mid-week and made for some excellent fishing conditions with water temps runing very close to the optimal 50 degrees and visibility being close to 36".

    Kasilof River

    Once again the Kasilof was relatively productive, however it still took some effort to limit the boat. Don Drury, of Drury Fishing, reported an average week with catches every day but also with great effort.. He indicated that this last week produced some nice sized fish as well, ranging between 30 and 40 pounds.
    The sockeye fishing on the Kasilof is also looking very good with an above average start. The last two years produced very good returns and this year is on pace to repeat that once again. Presently, as of the 12th, there were more than 108,000 sockeye past the sonar.

    Cook Inlet

    This has been a phenomenal week of halibut fishing in Cook Inlet! Wednesday was a blow-off, so we diverted to Kachemak and caught the big "donut" (skunked!), however on Thursday we were able to launch and did very well.

    Area Lakes

    The lake fishing continues to produce great entertainment and exceptional success. The grayling fishing at Crescent Lake has been very good. While the fish size seems to be a bit smaller than before, there is still great opportunity for a quality experience. Grayling will take dry as well as wet flies presented in the gin clear water. Keep in mind, however that there is a 2 fish per day bag limit. And please be responsible. These are very slow growing fish and heavy fishing pressure could definitely impact the quality of the experience. Also, please pack out whatever you pack in.

    Another option for some local lakes is Pike. Here is information posted on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Site (

    Northern Pike

    Stormy Lake has good numbers of northern pike and the lake has good public access. Anglers who are interested in fishing for northern pike on the Kenai Peninsula should try Stormy Lake for spring northern pike fishing.
    Many other area lakes have northern pike, but public access is limited. Private property owners may allow access, but get permission first.
    Pike can be taken using spears, bow and arrow (with arrow attached by a line), bait, spin, and fly-fishing gear. Try fish-shaped and fish-colored lures and flies.
    There is no closed season for pike and the bag limit is unlimited. Wanton waste laws apply so be sure to use, or donate to charity, all the pike you harvest.

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    Thanks! Going to arrive two weeks from today and we may hit it perfect! Crossing fingers.

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    Thank you! Great report.


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