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Thread: Nenana Float for Moose hunt

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    Default Nenana Float for Moose hunt

    I drew a Yanert any bull tag. I'd hoped to bow hunt this area and was wondering if anyone out there had any info on access.

    The Nenana may be run by a Jet boat? or River raft. I have access to both.

    If any one out there has rafted or boated from the highway down to the Park, I sured appreciate any information.


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    Default Specifically from Mouth of Yanert to the S. Park boundary

    OK Specifically I was looking at accessing the Nenana River from the Airstrip/Highway access where the railraod and highway cross the river floating north to the Park. Looking at doing this Mid Sept so water levels will be much lower than the current High water we can see there today.

    Any Denali / Nenana river guide information would be greatly appreciated.




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