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Thread: taking fish on a plane back to Canada?

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    Default taking fish on a plane back to Canada?

    Hi all,

    I have a friend here who is flying back to Vancouver today. She can take some fish back with her to share with our friends back in BC.

    I want to put a box full of fish together for her but was wondering what the requirements are?

    Ive frozen and vacuum sealed her fish, but am not sure what type of box to use.

    Ive seen those boxes with styrofoam in them at safeway and fred meyers; do those work?

    Ive been away from the forum for a few weeks and will post all my reports for the past 2 weeks today or tomorrow. thansk guys
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    Default foam lined fish box

    soda the boxes you can get at safway will work if youre fish are vacpaked and frozen solid you will be ok just dont go over 50 lbs

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    Yep, you'll be good!!

    You can't ship Halibut to Canada unless it's got my address on it though. LOL

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    The boxes from Freds and Safeway work just fine. Just have your fish vacuum packed and frozen solid.......then tape up the box to keep a good seal on it. It'll stay frozen solid for several days.


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