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Thread: So, where do they go???

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    Question So, where do they go???

    My thought is that the majority of Upper Kenai Rainbows go down into the canyon and mouth between runs. They wait for the next plug of reds to arrive and follow them up...agree, disagree????

    We fished hard on Saturday for about 7 fish. We knew it was going to be hard and slow, but the topic came up riverside so I thought I'd see what other folks thought...

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    my understanding is that they hang out at where the kenai flows into and out of skilak and I have caught a few up by the lake where the river starts
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    They spread out pretty well, but concentrate mostly between Skilak and Naptown, and then follow the second run up again. The bulk of them winter in Skilak and the first two miles of river below Skilak Lake. Anyway, that is where I concentrate my efforts and they have traditionally paid off well.

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    Default Not far

    I think the Upper fish are still around for the most part, maybe a few more in the canyon. Just hanging out eating fish, sculpins etc. Thats my opinion.

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