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Thread: Snagged plastic bags

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    Default Snagged plastic bags

    It seems like on any body of water I fish sooner or later I snag a plastic bag..

    A friend of mine sent me a “Power Point” file on plastic bags. I don’t know if I agree with all of it, but I think it is something to think about. Sometimes there are hidden agendas to a lot of information floating arround.

    The file is 3MB so it would not go on the forum. I have some free file storage from my web provider so I have put the file out there with a link to it. You can look at it using internet explorer or download it and look at in on your computer’s “Power Point”.

    I am not exactly computer literate so I hope this works and you find it interesting.

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    I've been using cloth bags for over a year now. I agree there are just too many tossed away and filling up land fills. I even bring a couple with me to AK for when I do my grocery shopping.


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