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Thread: dc001 caribou permit

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    Default dc001 caribou permit

    kenai caribou hunt. i drew it as well as the girlfriend. have no idea of the land or the trails but i did what little research i could and found that they are often by Big Indian Creek and trails that can be used are Resurrection Trail and Summit Creek Trail as well as Palmer Creek Road from Hope. other trails or places of interest include Mystery Creek Road and Russian Lakes Trail.

    any personal preferences or past success stories would be gladly welcomed. were not worried about the difficulty of the terrain as were both very well conditioned. we also have a plane that we will use to scout the area.

    again any advice or stories or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    They are usually on top. There is almost no water on top. Take a lot of water with you.

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    do a search and you'll find detailed info on this hunt here in past threads

    I drew last year but got called off to do some emergency guiding during the period I had planned to hunt

    my plan was to walk in and have the meat packed by horse

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    I used to live and work at summit lake lodge years ago. I climbed **** near every mountain around that area for fun and hunting. I also drew that permit back then. Two options to consider. Go up Fresno creek across the road from lower summit lake or( a friend took a caribou out of here), what I would do, go up summit creek to east creek pass, look to the right and you will see a pass that leads into colorado creek. I have seen caribou in there.There is water up there. Summit creek is one source, in colorado creek there is a small lake, the headwater of the creek.

    You need to be in top condition to do this hunt on foot or higher horses.

    Good luck


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