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Thread: Drew 403 Bison Hunt Any Information On This Hunt?

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    Default Drew 403 Bison Hunt Any Information On This Hunt?

    I drew 403 Bison after putting in for 20 years. Can anyone give me some insight on this hunt? I was told that once the Bison leave the caving grounds along the river they graze over to the farm projects around Delta. I also heard that a trespass permit was needed for hunting most private lands. Anyone know how much these permits are? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rick

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    I drew the tag also....Fish and Game will mail us a package with all sorts of that information. It will also have the dates you get according to how you were drawn. So I hear.

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    Well cool!! I had 2 buddies draw bison tags this year so I will get to chase some around again this year. I know several of the landowners that will let you hunt. Fish and Game will give you a list of who will let you on. A couple of them will only charge you if you shoot one. You don't have to buy it first, they only charge if you get one. They move around allot to so it just depends on where they are when you get here. F&G keeps pretty good tabs on them and will try and help you know where they are. When you get closer or if you have any questions let me know. I have been here in Delta for a long time and I live right out amongst them critters!! Well kinda anyway. I have worked on the farms and know the area pretty well. Might see ya this winter. Carl Happy Hunting

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    Default I got one too

    I couldn't believe it, but I got one as well. I also got an antlerless permit for delta. So hopefully my freezer will be really full for a while. But I have no idea about how to do this hunt.

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    Default Lucky Lucky Lucky

    Have fun be safe. It's worth the extra $$$ to go on the farmers land. Most are willing to even lend assistance in your hunt. Good people in Delta.
    If you need help cooking the buffalo just give us a holler.
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    I drew Delta last year , The packets are mailed out Aug 1 , Make sure you book your room at the Silver Fox Roadhouse way in advance With all the moose permits again they fill up fast. We stayed there 13 days ,Very nice place and it is right in the middle of the herd. I would say go up the day before your class abd get a good look around , I had a areial map made of the area. You will start getting all kinds of stuff from people from food coupons to lodging in the mail any day now. You have to eat at the BBQ house (Adams ribbs) very good food and great people ,You will not go away hungary. And you have to eat at place beside the video store , I forgot the name But MAN !!! they give you alot of food for the money . We ate at the Buffalo Dinner ..none of us liked it. There is also a great pizza joint in town. And I would just buy food up there at the grocery store if I ever went back
    Good luck

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    I drew 404 and am looking forward to the hunt as well hopefully the packets and the guys on the forum will keep us informed on the hunt and resources.

    Doc Stubbs

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    Got lucky and hunted it four years staright. Mine, friends and families tags.... Some information below....

    Fish and Game
    Dave Davenport 895-4484
    Steve Debeous Bison Biologist

    Flying Service
    Golden Eagle Outfitters 895-4139 (Jim Cummings) Would suggest having him fly you over the area to get a good eyes on ALL the terain....

    Military Land
    Range Control Jeff Mason 873-4714

    Land Owners
    • Randy Peterson 895-5442 2nd best area
    • Scott and Diane Schultz 895-4865 First person to contact, great area and she is the coolest lady around.....
    • Mike and Sandy Schultz 895-4368
    • Bob Anders** (Cabin Use) Don't know if he has it still???? Give a call nothing special but alot cheaper than Silver Fox and right near Panaramic Fields...

    Hunting Areas: Cummings Road to end between Gertile River and Tanana River, Panoramic Fields opposite corner between triangle area of edge of field. Between the two fields.

    Interest Areas: Lots of Moose between the two fields, ATV access to the back of the fields, ATV allowed during Bison Season. Tree lines between fields plots, Moose always away from Bison. Will warn you have watched numerous folks driving ATV and the Bison leave the area before they get there. Suggest parking and looking over fields from the higher spots, especially on Diana lands and the public fieds.... Hunt from foot and get away from the idiots traveling everywhere in one day by vehicle the Bison do a big circle between public lands and private fields across the street, get permission and stay put they will sooner or later come through. Access on Shultz property is $300, well worth it if you kill on their property. One word of advise, never go for an animals near the main pack always go for the far left or right, and when you do have the second person that is allowed to shoot right after on same animal. Go to the Wildlife park in Girwood and learn the difference between bulls and cows without question.. Know what you'll settle for and have a blast...

    Took three animals all on the first day of the season of the the years draw on Panaramic Fields, right smack in the middle of the field, right at day light, get there early and scout... Remember to follow the rules of the property owners, there are some great folks up there and rude hunters will evnetually get all access dened in the future...


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