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    Here is my situation. I have nine years in the Air Force and just found out a month ago I was approved to come back to Alaska for good in October of this year, as long as I did 20 months in the guard at Eielson AFB. My nine years of experience was working jet engines. I don't have an A&P license, but I have an Associate Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. My family and I want to live in the Anchorage vicinity. My end goal is to become a Certified Flight Instructor. I went up in a Cessna when I was stationed at Eielson AFB in September of 2003 and fell in love with it. I plan on getting my pilot's license and using my G.I. bill to finish the rest. Does anybody know of a place to work as a small aircraft mechanic or helper around Anchorage? I have three kids and wife to support, just don't want to let this dream die, so if anybody knows somebody that could use a dependable guy please let me know! Jason
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    First contact your local FSDO, talk to the A&P branch.
    You may be able to get a signoff for the General and Powerplant tests
    based on your AF schools and experience. This will save you time and money.
    Next contact the Flying Club at Elmendorf for information about pilot
    training and A&P work(normally parttime).

    Elmendorf Aero Club
    Flight Training Center
    Hangar 7, Bldg. 10286
    Phone (907) 753-4167
    Office Hours
    Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Aircraft available
    7 days/week, 24 hour/day

    Check with the VA for the most current Flight training information.

    Good Luck

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    Default GI Bill

    Starting this fall the NEW GI BILL is suppose to cover 80% of the expenses and paying for most of the testing and certification fees. That should help, cause its not cheap. Going to attempt to get my commerical rating this winter. I think since I got my private almost 4 years ago, its doubled in price. Just remember Private flight training is not covered by the GI BILL.


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    I recently retired from the Air Force and it sounds like you're going through the same issues I went through. I got my General and Powerplant licenses first and got the airframe after I got enough airframe experience. There are a ton of A&P jobs in Anchorage. In fact Pen Air has an "Entry Level" A&P position that you should be able to get experience in if you don't want / can't afford to go to school.

    The VA thing works great for the private ticket. I used the GI Bill for my instrument and they paid in a timely manner after the first months paperwork shuffle. Remeber, if you use the GI Bill you pay out of pocket first and file for reimbursement. Most 141 flight schools will file for you. Oh yea, you have to be in 141 training to use the VA.

    I work as a part time A&P at the Aeroclub. We have one full time guy and five part time guys on staff. The aircraft are a 182, several 172's, A Piper Seneca II, and a 172 on floats for training and renting! The costs are rising due to gas prices but I recently rented the 182 (wet) for $115/hr. I think the float plane rents for $135/hr and you can RON with all of the planes if you wish.

    Becoming a pilot is very doable. I know several people who have done it up here who were not pilots in the military first. Keep your hopes up and keep an eye on your goals.



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