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Thread: silvers on kenai august

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    Default silvers on kenai august

    Need some help: I will be bringing the wife and daughter to the peninsula in late august and plan to fish the Kenai, Kasilof and possibily Homer. No guides or boats just bank fishing to catch a few silvers for dinner. Any ideas for fishing locations that won't scare the ladies or be intimidated by the crowds? Thanks for any info


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    Someone smarter than me can answer this better I'm sure but I think in August you should be looking for the reds.

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    Default Late August Silvers

    Forget the reds (unless you are looking at the Russian)... your timing should be very good for silvers, and pinks this year.

    There are two places that I would recommend according to your post: Cunningham Park in Kenai and Centennial Park in Soldotna. There will be others and maybe even a bit crowded. Best bet is to go earlier than early. For Cunningham, the fishing is more dependent on the tide than on sunrise. But if you go before daybreak and put in your time, you are certain to catch dinner.

    I recommend plunking eggs at Cunningham and either eggs or spinners/spoons at Centennial.

    Good luck

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    Default Kasilof

    The Kasilof River is awesome from the bank. A bank rod holder, 3-4 oz weights, small spin and glo, and salmon eggs. You don't have to cast across the river. Water will be up, so only cast out 5-8 feet, set it in the holder and watch. A great place to get to at first light with a 5 gallon bucket to carry tackle and sit on, a thermos of coffee, and BUG SPRAY. Always friendly folks around, but not too many. Give it a try. Best around the middle of August.

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    Default Moose River

    My buddies and I fly fished at the mouth of the Moose around the second week of August last year and not only did we have the place to ourselves we caught limits of silvers both days. There were reds around, but we just couldn't hook up with any. The wading is pretty easy for kids if you stay along the mouth of the Moose and out of the Kenai. This is a fly fishing only area until August 1st I believe and if the reds are there you can keep 2 silvers (no more) and 4 reds per day, but always check the regs and EO's. There is a campground at this location which is on the east side of the Moose.

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    Default Russian confluence

    I fish around the Russian River and down to below the ferry on the last couple days of the red season and generally have the place almost to myself (except for a few bears here and there...and there...and there).

    You can generally still find a few fresh reds and pick silvers out of the mix as well. Tons of fun when you can use lighter weight gear and not have to worry about tangling dozens of lines when a fish gets fiesty.

    Plus the dolly and bow fishing then is phenomenal. The campground is usually almost empty then. Ditto with the ferry.



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