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    Does anyone know of a good to descent spot for caribou hunting in early August? I am looking to go caribou hunting before the 20th of August, from what I am finding is that the best time is late August but due to a surgery I am going to miss that time frame.

    If anyone has any info or knows where I can find info on early August caribou hunts let me know.


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    If your a bow hunter you can try the haul road of course... that is kinda the obvious choice....

    You could try Kotz but that'll be early so your success may be limited and you'll have to fly farther out to find them... IE more money, also the air taxi's up there are pretty well booked solid already.

    Lastly you could alwasy try the 40 mile hunt out on the taylor hirghway... its road accessible (better with an ATV) however you'll have LOTS of company if the herd is in the area....

    Good luck.



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