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Thread: Help with Seward Halibut...

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    Default Help with Seward Halibut...

    I have seen a few threads on Seward Halibut but nothing really specific... maybe for a reason I guess. Anyway, I am a new ocean boat owner (31' Uniflite) and very happy with the vessel. Went out to Pony Cove this weekend for the silvers and did good. Mainly trolled at 25' to 50' depending on were the fish were marking.

    On my way back I stopped at a few spots (Calisto Head etc. that I was told would do good for Halibut. I ended up only catching those halibut look-a-like monster fish (what ever the official name is for them) but no halibut. I mainly fished at 150' to 200', sandy bottom etc but no luck.

    I know I can go to Montague but at $500 for fuel, I could stay in town and buy a lot of halibut... :-).

    So the big question is can I get some pointers on were between Pony cove and back and any help with at what depth etc. I fished Seward many years ago but obviously things have changed, plus I have gone out with charters but always to seem to run to Montague so I just don't the details and the lay of the ocean bottom. I will be a regular in Seward so if I get a few good tips, who knows, maybe a case or two of beer, a bottle etc for the tips and help. Thank you...


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    Don't always look for sandy bottom. Look for rock piles, gravel and rock walls. Be patient. Watch the tides. Get to your spot about an hour before low slack. That way you can get some scent out before the slack tide, and get fishing going on the incoming. You might try Johnstone Bay.
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