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    Default Coming up again

    I posted this on another site but I find the members don't respond very often. I am planning on coming back up to AK for a "working vacation" in August/Sept (unlikely) and again in MAY, JUNE, JULY 2009 (VERY likely) for a travel nurse assignment. Looking at my choices I was wondering how the fishing is for those two different times in places like Barrow and Bethel. These two areas give me the most choices as far as work, overtime, and dates. My requirements for fishing in these area are:
    1) must be close to the town- I probably won't have access to a car.
    2) must be able to "do-it-myself" without getting eaten, lost, or drowned- are there rivers in the vicinity of these towns that I could wade or are wadeable at these times of year (like fishing Reds on the bank in Soldotna)?
    3) Would like to hire a guide for a day or two without breaking the bank- are there guides in these towns that do float trips and on which rivers? I will not be taking any flyout trips as those always sounded too pricey for me.
    4) Tackle- just bought a new 8wt for carp around here w/ Ross Canyon Reel. Big enough for those areas or do I need to go up. Is a 6wt gonna get me anything or should I leave it home.
    I'm gonna have more questions...wanna get this going. Forgive me (especially cohodave) my ignorance of these areas and all the questions. I did google these areas and couldn't find much info...bad sign? If I can't get any info or it appears that the fishing ain't worth it with my requirements then I guess I will just have to settle, grudgingly, on coming for a 13 week assignment to the Kenai area!

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    Lightbulb Just my little bit of input...

    I think you might be underestimating the amount of people from the location you are going to be working at that probably go fishing regularly in the summer, and how willing they might be to add you to their excursions. Odds are, you are going to show up and mention fishing in a crowded spot at work (act like someone else said it for a twist) and then pay attention to the shop talking about fishing.

    Having said that, Ship Creek is a popular spot for people that have limited time or don't want to travel very far outside of town to fish. Eklutna Tailrace isn't very far out of town, and Jim's Creek is great for silvers (just a bit farther).

    Enjoy your trip.

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    In Bethel Theres not any rod/reel/fly fishing near town. But if you work in the hospital theres a lot of people who has a boats and can take you out to other small rivers like Kwethluk,Kasigluk and kisaralik where fishing is very good for fly fishing.


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