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    hello all,
    my name is alex and i am a student at university of alaska fairbanks. anyways i have spent some time working on building up a three-gun setup which i have sort of completed for now. what i would like to know is are there any three-gun matches in the fairbanks area? if not, then what about individual pistol rifle or shotgun matches? i am not much of a shot and not really interested in cowboy action just looking to get out and have a little more fun than typical target practice. if anyone has any info they could relay to me via website phone numbers or whatever, that would be great. i see a couple of posts for shoots down by anch. but that is too far for me. anything within an hour of fairbanks will probably work. thanks a lot guys i hope this turns up some fun competition!

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    Hey Alex,
    Welcome to the forum. There are monthly shoots with the Fairbanks TAPS, Tactical and Practical Shooting. They are a USPSA affiliated club. Next shoot is this weekend at the Police range out by the airport. They had their annual 3 gun shoot in May. Any way the pistol shoots are a blast. You can PM me for more info or check with Bill at Pro Tec on Van Horn.



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